How to Use a Car Jack

Car Jack

Have you had a car jack in your trunk, and you have no idea how to use it? How to use a jack for a car is one of the most important things drivers in Portland, OR should know. The service team at Dick Hannah Jeep is here to show you how to use the jack and jack stand. 

Whether it’s changing a tire or a hub cap, knowing how to use a car, jack can make your drives much easier. It can also allow you to work on your vehicle in a safer manner. Read below to learn about using a car jack and jack stand in Vancouver.



Using a Car Jack & a Jack Stand: Step-by-Step Guide 

Do you need to lift your car to change a tire? The following steps can help you use both the car jack and jack stand without issue:

  • First, securely park the car. Make sure you park on level ground, with pavement being the best. For your safety, you should never use a car jack on dirt or grass. 
  • Then, place wheel wedges, wooden blocks, or bricks behind whichever tires will stay on the ground.
  • Place the car in “Park,” then engage your emergency brake. Does your car actually have a manual transmission? Put the car in first gear while engaging your parking brake. 
  • Review the owner’s manual to find out where the jack should be placed under your vehicle. Need to lift one wheel only? Lift the corner of the vehicle. Need to lift the front or rear of the car? Choose a jack point at the center of the frame, whether in the front or rear.
  • There are two types of jacks: scissors and hydraulic. If you have a scissor jack, insert the rod and crank. If you have a hydraulic jack, insert the handle into the jack’s body and pump the handle. Lift the car to the height you need it to be.
  • Then, place the jack stand under the car frame. Place it at the “pinch weld,” which is a reinforced point within the car’s frame.
  • Adjust the stand’s height (using the pin, screw, or pawl, depending on the type of jack stand you have), then lock it into place. Use the jack to slowly lower the car until it’s resting securely on your jack stand. 
  • When the car is resting on the jack stand, you can remove the jack. Gently push the car to make sure it doesn’t move.
  • After you’ve done the necessary work on your vehicle, use the jack to lift the car a few inches. You can then remove the jack stands. 
  • Lower the car gently, then remove the jack. 
  • Pickup any wheel blocks that were placed earlier

Get More Car Care Tips from Dick Hannah Jeep 

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