How to Program a Dodge Key Fob

Key with key fob in hand

Did you just get yourself a Dodge vehicle and need to program the key fob? Or maybe you just need to reprogram it? If you don’t know how to program a Dodge key fob, we’ve got you covered. Let Dick Hannah Jeep walk you through each step, so you can conveniently access your Dodge vehicle with just a click of a button! Find out below, so you can enjoy all that your vehicle has to offer on the Portland, OR roads.



Dodge Key Fob Programming in 6 Steps

Luckily, Dodge key fob programming only includes 6 steps, so even if you’re new to programming a key fob entirely, the process is relatively simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Go into the front driver’s side of your Dodge vehicle, then lock your door with your key fob within ten seconds of entry.
  2. Insert the key into your ignition and turn it to the “RUN” position while pressing the “UNLOCK” button.
  3. Hold down the “UNLOCK” button and “PANIC” button at the same time, then release both buttons at the same time.
  4. Simultaneously press the “UNLOCK” and “LOCK” buttons, then release each button.
  5. Press the “UNLOCK” button once more.
  6. Your key fob should now be recognized by your Dodge, and you’ve learned how to program a Dodge key fob!

Where to Get a Dodge Key Fob Replacement

And if you need to learn how to program a Dodge key fob because you lose yours on your Longview commute, Dick Hannah Jeep can help you get a replacement. When you reach out to our parts department, you can be sure that the key fob you received is MOPAR and therefore, certified. You can even order a replacement online from the comfort of your home! We will get you a new one as soon as possible and at a competitive price with our MOPAR coupons.

Need More Tips & Tricks for Your Dodge? Turn to Dick Hannah Jeep

Now that you have gotten Dodge key fob programming under your belt, you are more than welcome to learn more about your vehicle when it comes to car service and parts. Have any more questions? Feel free to reach out!


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