2023 Jeep 4xe Driving Modes

2023 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

The 2023 Jeep 4xe hybrid brings an electrified twist to the ultra-rugged Jeep lineup, and this EV has captured the attention of drivers all around Portland, OR. Not only can you enjoy fantastic performance with sky-high fuel economy, but you can also customize your driving experience with three Jeep 4xe driving modes. So whether you take a spin with the Jeep 4xe eSave Mode or Electric Mode, you’ll be treated to Jeep’s legendary engineering. Get to know the Jeep 4xe hybrid with Dick Hannah Jeep, and schedule your test drive today!

Jeep 4xe: eSave Mode, Hybrid Mode, and Electric Mode

The Jeep 4xe modes set you up for success in any environment. From boosting the Jeep 4xe MPG in Hybrid Mode to traveling gas-free in Electric Mode, you can fine-tune your performance to best suit your needs. Take a look at the three different modes available for the 2023 Jeep 4xe:

  • Jeep 4xe Hybrid Mode: As the default driving mode, Hybrid Mode gives you the best of all worlds. Not only can you enjoy an impressive Jeep 4xe MPG in Hybrid Mode, but also robust horsepower and torque from the 2.0L turbocharged engine and the electric motor simultaneously.
  • Jeep 4xe Electric Mode: The Jeep 4xe also offers the option to run solely on its electric range in Electric Mode. Switch to this mode to take advantage of the 21-mile range, switching from the combustion engine to the electric motor for emissions-free power.
  • Jeep 4xe eSave Mode: What if your battery is running low? Switch into Jeep 4xe eSave Mode to prioritize your engine power. This means you can continue to drive around Longview without looking for a charging station.

Jeep 4xe MPG in Hybrid Mode, eSave Mode, and Electric Mode

We’ve covered the three different modes of the Jeep 4xe hybrid, but how does that translate into fuel economy figures and range? Because each mode uses its own blend of gas and electric power, you can mix and match to create your ideal performance. Explore the Jeep 4xe MPG in Hybrid Mode, Electric Mode, and eSave Mode:

  • Jeep 4xe MPG in Hybrid Mode:49 mpg combined city/highway per gallon/kilowatt
  • Jeep 4xe MPG in Electric Mode: EPA-estimated 21 miles
  • Jeep 4xe MPG in eSave Mode: 20 mpg combined city/highway 20 miles per gallon

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